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 Faye - My favourite assembly from Jonny’s team, was the one about friendship because the drama was really good fun. I liked the the funny Italian chef!                   

Charlie- I liked the assembly about bullying, I liked the way it was acted out as  ‘fake’ T.V. show. I think the message was really important, we should be kind to each other.

Violet- I liked the assembly about being a good friend. The acting was funny and it really made me laugh a lot!

Lilly – I really like the open the book stories. My favourite was the one about Saul changing  to Paul.

Neve- I enjoyed leading the assembly about community. Me and my friends ran the assembly all by ourselves. We showed good teamwork and I really liked leading an assembly and being on stage.

Lynden- It was fun doing an assembly, although I felt a little bit nervous. I enjoyed being in charge of the power-point.


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Our assembly theme is... 'Hope'