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Mrs Webster’s worship on Reverence made me think about how it is our only earth and we only get one chance to look after it. –Dylan

We should appreciate that earth is God’s greatest creation and we have a duty to care for it and respect it. We need to control the plastics going into the ocean, we can all play a part. –Charlie

Today’s worship on forgiveness made me think I should probably forgive people a little bit more because I am lucky that people have forgave me for my mistakes. –Violet

The assembly on endurance shocked me. I can’t believe some of the things people have to endure during their life. It made me think these people were totally amazing!- Lynden

I really liked the song, ‘wow that’s amazing’ which we sung in worship, it went really well with our value as it made me think of all the things around me I am amazed by and everyone joined in. –Zari

I really like the Cumbria bible challenge worship, you get to read stories from the bible, do challenges and get a special sticker to make up a picture. It was good to read Bishop Robert’s testimonial and Mrs. Wright showed us pictures of when he came to open our school prayer shed. –class 4

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