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I liked Mrs. Webster’s assembly on ‘Creation’, It made me think about how special our world is and how much we should look after it.- Gracie

I liked the assembly on the value of ‘Trust’, it was inspiring how much the woman trusted her guide. It made me think I should put more trust in people.- Olivia

Today’s assembly by the open the book team was about the story of Noah and his Ark. It made me think about some of the bad things I have done wrong and the things I would like to change. –Ollie

I love the way the PAIS team act stuff out, demonstrate things and play cool videos to get us thinking more about  God.- Faye

 ‘ I really enjoyed watching the pupil assembly from the R.E. ambassadors. I really liked the way they acted out a more modern version of, ‘The Good Samaritan’. Their acting was amazing and I liked the powerpoint design too’.- Marlie-year 4

The children showed great maturity working independently on their assembly, with no adult input. I was so impressed with their assembly on ‘compassion’ and the message they delivered to other pupils. Another fantastic pupil-led collective worship. Well done! Mrs Mowat

Rev. Price Johnny The Open Book Story-tellers

Team of the Week

Our assembly theme is... 'Humility'