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At St Paul’s we believe the motivation of our pupils to succeed is important and we work hard to ensure our curriculum is rich, varied and stimulating. To do this we employ a variety of teaching methods: whole class, small group and individual teaching are used. Assessment opportunities are built into our planning to ensure a continuous progression in the child’s learning. Children are given personal targets and work with staff to achieve them. The school follows the guidelines in the revised Special Needs Code of Practice, 2014. Any children who would benefit from extra help are quickly identified from records held by their previous school, SATs results on entry and diagnostic testing carried out early in Year 3. Support staff work alongside the class teacher to identify the problems and address the specific needs of the individual child. These needs are also passed on to other members of staff as everyone in school is involved in the education of every pupil. We discuss willingly any parental concerns about their child’s progress and actively encourage parental involvement. Working in partnership can only be of benefit to everyone.

We are pleased to let you know that, following work done by the SEND team, there is new information and advice pages about special educational needs and disabilities available on the Cumbria County Website.

The link is: