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A big well done to all our year 4 pupils, who have managed to achieve their ‘Archbishop of York, Youth Trust Award’ this term. The award focused on what we, as individuals, can do to make our local community a better place. The children have developed their leadership and team work skills considerably and have shown how to ‘be the change you want to see’. As well as completing individual challenges, the children chose to partake in two community projects. Firstly, a class litter pick around the Hawcoat area with the support of The Evening Mail, followed by a delightful afternoon tea, held for our friends from Trinity Church.


The Tea party was a huge success and the children thoroughly enjoyed entertaining their 12 guests.

The children served guests tea and coffee and a selection of cakes. They also prepared the tables and arranged flowers in vases for centre pieces. They set out the cakes on stands, buttered the scones, spread them with jam and whipped the cream!

The guests were entertained by the children singing various songs and some WW2 songs including: ‘Pack up your troubles’ and ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’. They all joined in with the singing and really enjoyed it. The children also played board games with our friends and enjoyed chatting to them.

The children gave them a tour of the grounds and also showed them around our wildlife area.

A lovely afternoon was had by all and it was a great way for our children to serve our community.